Facebook, Instagram and Co – Social networks are sometimes crazy!

But that doesn’t matter, because as an artist you like to use appearances there to advertise your own art.
Now I was quite surprised by the numerous reactions, interactions and accesses to a posting on Facebook. The posting is about the small-format paintings – presented here – a wintry scenery “Hamburg tugboat in the port”.

This painting was created in the last 2 days, sometime in the evening I got the idea. A rough sketch was quickly drawn up on a 24×30 cm canvas.
Under the constant observation of our art-loving family member Juno, the first colors were quickly created. It’s quite possible that he just wanted treats, but let’s leave it at that.

In the further course – you can see in these Photos – the work was created. Finally, it was framed as a test, which of course is not final. Because the painting still has to dry and it is finally provided with a varnish.